If famed explorer Ernest Shackleton founded a modern-day start-up, the elevator pitch may have sounded something like this:

Investors Wanted. Hazardous Start-up. Goes against every financial instinct you have ever known. Forget about ROI. Long months of complete financial darkness. Extreme risk. Bankruptcy nearly assured. In the case of success, Earth remains inhabitable.

A Tiny Flaw:

There is a tiny little flaw in our modern financial system that must be corrected very soon. This flaw is so small and so simple that it defies the imagination. This minuscule flaw is responsible for all man-made global systemic risk from environmental collapse…

By SounderBruce — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=78326240

The Great Boeing Company was once the undisputed heavyweight champion of commercial aviation. Today they are struggling with plummeting market share and costly systemic problems. Yes COVID-19 struck them hard but also exposed deeper problems. The short answer is simple: Boeing forgot their engineers.

I started my engineering career at Northrop on the B2. I moved to satellites at Hughes, and Space Shuttle at Rockwell — all of which are now Boeing properties. I then worked at Boeing proper for almost a decade before leaving the aerospace industry completely. …

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Winston Churchill once said, “A lie makes gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Today, the Internet accelerates this disparity exponentially with each and every evolution from email through social media, and artificial intelligence. We now live in a world where it is impossible to untangle the fraud from the fiction. The problem will never go away because it is too fast, cheap, and easy to weaponize misinformation.

The Value Game

The Innovation Bank presents a very simple game that fixes this problem so that the real truth can have a fighting chance to…

Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay

Amazon has an inventory of every single item that they sell — from the manufacturer to your doorstep — and they nurture that inventory with intensity. So, why is there no comprehensive knowledge inventory of what people know and what they can produce? The Ingenesist Project is developing The Innovation Bank with the purpose of capitalizing knowledge assets across diverse communities.

Human productivity is the cornerstone of an economy. The consumption of products is a very poor measure of an economy — but that seems to be the best we can do. How many electrical engineers live in zip code…

This week brought the announcement that the Federal Reserve will study the possibility of issuing a digital currency. If the government builds it correctly, the result could be the greatest advancement in human civilization since the invention of the wheel. If the government builds it incorrectly, they may just validate every other crypto more than their own. Neither outcome is trivial.

We are engineers — the type that makes airplanes that plane, bridges that bridge, and elevators that elevate. The type of engineers that supply electricity to people and their Bitcoin — which was likewise created by engineers on an…

Hint, the answer so simple, you can’t even see it.

Image by Iván Tamás from Pixabay

The Paradox of Invisibility:

A firefighter may be worth a million dollars per hour when there is a fire and they courageously save lives and salvage property. The value of the firefighter is derived from the severity of the fire. On the other hand, a fire protection engineer can design a thousand buildings that cannot burn. But the true economic value of the engineer cannot be measured in the absence of a fire. …

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What is an Innovation Bank? At first blush, an Innovation Bank sounds like a place where innovators can make money for developing their ideas. Sort of like venture capital. But if we drill down a little further and look at how a traditional bank actually functions, we find a far more interesting opportunity.

People go to a bank and borrow money to, say, buy a house. Most people think that the bank is sitting on a bunch of cash in some savings account waiting to buy your house for you until you can pay them back. …

Image by Pete 😀 from Pixabay

Many blockchains exist for many reasons, but none are built for the purpose of discerning physical fact from digital fiction. Where other industries use blockchain to correct their flaws, a blockchain of engineers and scientists can amplify their superpowers. Our ability to leverage truth may be the most powerful tool available to shift political priorities toward resolving our most pressing Global challenges.

For almost a decade, we have been writing about how four important aspects of blockchain technology could create thousands of times more value if applied to the engineering and scientific professions rather than the financial industry. …

For over a decade, I have been writing about two important implications of blockchain technology that would create thousands of times more value applied through the engineering and scientific communities than through the the financial industry. For over a decade I have also been utterly confounded by the chronic ambivalence, reluctance, and even the visceral paranoia toward this technology among many professional engineering societies, educational institutions, and engineering enterprise leaders.

The Thing that happened.

Blockchain blew onto the scene with Bitcoin and the Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper of 2008. Bitcoin, while long in the works, was coincident with the 2008 financial…

The Innovation Bank may be the most important advancement of the Post-Covid Era. The paper linked below may be the most important paper of our times.

The Innovation Bank was first described in a patent application in 2007 (pre-bitcoin). A current rendition was recently published by the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition describing a method for equitably dealing with the immeasurable and compounding systemic risks that are currently engulfing global civilization. …

Dan Robles

Daniel Robles, PE promotes blockchain technology for the decentralization of the Engineering Professions. Based in Seattle.

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